SheHacks Experience: Lynn Sugut

Lynn after a training at e-KRAAL Innovation Hub

Lynn Sugut is a final year Computer Science student at Kenyatta University, a cybersecurity enthusiast and a vibrant SheHacks KE member.

What sparked your interest in cybersecurity?

I’d say my inquisitive nature and passion for technology.

The notion that one could identify malice or hack into a system with a few lines of code appealed to me. This notion made me want to delve deeper into the area of cybersecurity and grow my knowledge and skills and also solve security challenges.

What areas of cybersecurity are you interested in?

Network Security and currently working on Reverse Engineering

How did you learn about SheHacks KE?

I learnt about it through a mutual friend who invited me for one of their first events at Safaricom HQ3.

What motivated you to be a member?

I was motivated by the fact that SheHacks is a community of like-minded women tech leaders who are ready to break frontiers in the cybersecurity space. After attending the trainings, I got a taste of cybersecurity and my inquisitive nature was challenged and developed more — I was completely sold.

What has your experience been as a member?

My experience as a member has been nothing short of amazing. I have not only been able to grow my skills and expertise on cybersecurity but also built a network of like-minded young women leaders with whom we continue to transform and shape the cyber security space.

Do you often attend SheHacks trainings?

Yes, most of them if not all.

Which one stood out for you and why?

The training session at e-KRAAL Innovation Hub, on Memory Forensics: Red team Meets Blue team. It was a very interactive and hands-on training session. The session was also well organized and the attendance was amazing.

What words of advice would you give to beginners in cybersecurity?

Enroll in that beginner course on today. There are also a lot of online write ups on different areas of cybersecurity. In case you lack motivation find friends with similar interest, it goes a long way.

Engage with her on Twitter @lynnsugut

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