This is a continuation of the Windows ShellBags article published in the SheHacks Medium. Let’s do a quick recap, Microsoft Windows records the view preferences of folders and Desktop.

Therefore, when the folder is visited again, Windows can remember the location of the folder, view and positions of items…


Ever noticed when a user in a windows operating system modifies a folder size by e.g., resizing the window itself. Then going back to that folder at a later date, the customization remains? That is shellbags in action!

There are many sources of digital evidence and is divided into three…

What is vulnerability assessment

This is the systematic review of all the vulnerabilities in an information system. It involves identifying, quantifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities after which you come up with a report with recommendations on whatever needs to be done.

How is vulnerability assessment different from penetration testing?

Vulnerability scans…

Hello aspiring cyber-warriors!

Today in this article we will learn the basic concepts about cross-site request forgery which is a common web application vulnerability. This will be a beginner’s guide for CSRF explaining what exactly is Cross-site scripting entails and how this vulnerability is exploited.

What is cross-site request forgery?

Cross-site request forgery also known…

Organizations deal with attacks every day. It could be SQL injection attempts, cross-site scripting, brute force attack among others and in order to stop such attempts, solutions need to be put in place. These may involve active network monitoring and use of firewalls to block unknown IPs.

There is a…


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